The Other Assistants

Tattoo may have been Mr. Roarke‘s first and best assistant, but there were a few others as well. Who were they? And why were they angling for Tattoo’s job? …Well, okay, only one of them was, but no matter how you look at it, they did work for Mr. Roarke, and they deserve mention here.


Cindy was blonde and blue-eyed, somewhere in her early 20s, and an orphan whom Mr. Roarke had taken in after her parents died in a plane crash. Though she appeared in only one episode [“Cornelius and Alphonse/The Choice“, Season 2], she still did a very nice job of helping him out with granting fantasies. It was just as well Mr. Roarke had Cindy that weekend, since two of their visitors, Cornelius Kelly and his buddy Alphonse, kidnapped Tattoo! Cindy seems to have worked at the island orphanage, helping to feed and care for their small menagerie of baby animals.


Julie stuck around a little longer; she was Mr. Roarke’s goddaughter and was probably fresh out of college. Golden-haired and brown-eyed, she had the sort of youthful, innocent face and childish naïveté that made her seem like a total greenhorn. But she always meant well. Though she appeared on every episode during the fifth season, she actually assisted Roarke only about every other week. On the weeks when Tattoo was on duty, she would drop in to say good morning, exchange a few words, and hurry off to somewhere else. By the sixth-season premiere, she was gone… who knows what happened to her? She must have gone on to other things, and it’s left to speculation as to what (and where) those things were.


Lawrence, rather than supplementing Tattoo’s position, completely took it over. He was a tall, somewhat stocky fellow from England who often seemed like a glorified butler, but he did his utmost to help Roarke to the best of whatever abilities he had. If he was frequently befuddled by some of Roarke’s powers or guests, he tried hard to roll with the punches. Lawrence brought quite a few changes with him to the seventh and final season. The red wagons and jeeps with their candy-striped tops were gone, replaced by more sedate open-topped brown sedans; and the study in the main house had been rearranged and redecorated. There was generally a more elegant and refined atmosphere during this season; but the viewers weren’t too thrilled with these changes, leading to the cancellation of the show.


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